Sweet potato scramble!


Happy hump day! Hope your week is treating you awesome! I’ve been getting dinged about posting a breakfast hash for a few months and now here it is in all of her hashy glory! Since my house is sick with sinus infections I thought it would be beneficial to make a hardy breakfast. Full of […]

Sawyer the warrior turns 4!


If you know our amazing skinny jean wearing, energetic, happy, no fear, knows everyones name 4 year old then your ‘re in luck because this post is all about him!  When I told him we were having a small gathering of family over for his birthday he was so excited and named everyone one by […]

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies


When you hear the word grain free Paleo chocolate chip cookies..you think, eh, they’re gonna be dry and flavorless.  Well, people, look no further! I came across this recipe in my search and boy I’m glad I did! My husband has the biggest sweet tooth, he would eat sweets at every meal if he could! […]

Chipotle Goes Paleo


OMG! You see that right? It’s even tastes better than it looks! It was one of those Friday nights where I had 1lb of ground beef in the fridge and a bunch of left over veggies and other fun stuff hanging out in my pantry and fridge.  I call it Chipotle Goes Paleo.  Its pretty […]

Candy coated brussel sprouts


So, the word brussel sprouts just sounds gross, right? If you have always hated them or just never tried them because they are called such a gross sounding name then you will adore these adorable candy coated balls of goodness! I had them at a restaurant recently and they tasted nothing like I have ever […]