Sawyer the warrior turns 4!


If you know our amazing skinny jean wearing, energetic, happy, no fear, knows everyones name 4 year old then your ‘re in luck because this post is all about him!  When I told him we were having a small gathering of family over for his birthday he was so excited and named everyone one by one, not forgetting a face.  We surprised him with a trip to Walt Disney World on his actual birthday! He came unglued! He was so excited as any other kid would be!  We then told him, thinking he would be so excited, that just Mommy and Daddy would be taking him and baby River would be staying with Mimi.  He got so sad and wanted River to go, he was so confused as to why she wasn’t going.  As a parent you want each child to feel special, right? You would never want them to feel like they have taken the back seat once that second baby comes.  So, you try your best to take them on special Mommy Daddy dates, etc.   Well, how about if they feel the most special when they are with that sibling; making that sibling giggle or just egging them on  to see them crawl for the first time.  I never had these thoughts until now and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I know its just a season because, lets be real, he’s only 4 and I bet this will all change in due time but for now I’m not complaining.   With all that said, we did leave River with Mimi and everything turned out fine..I’m just so grateful for all the love that boy has for his baby sister. I pray their relationship and bond will last a lifetime. I pray he will protect her, pray with her, stand up for her, and fight for her.

This was his reaction after we told him we were going to Disney!


I spy my fine slice.


 20140118-103624.jpg 20140118-103601.jpg


The perfect Paleo birthday cake!


The other cake…Wah wah…

Your probably wondering, why the heck two cakes Lindsey? I say, why the heck not? :o)

To be honest the reason was since we are trying to fast track these kiddos to leading a healthier lifestyle, we tried a grain free cake! Here’s the play by play of how it went down victoriously!

With a hesitant voice I asked, “Sawyer do you want the Paleo cake or the regular cake.” He said he wanted the Paleo cake!!! My heart flipping skipped a beat! He ate every single piece of it and then asked for more.  Of course, in my, controlling the situation nature, I made everyone try a piece of the amazing and delicious, moist and rich Paleo cake.  I took a poll at the end of the party and most of the family there would take the grain free Paleo cake over the other! PRAISE THE LORD. We are getting somewhere people! In the words of my Father Inlaw, try this cake it “makes your tongue wanna slap your brains out!”

This is for the Paleo Cake recipe and then I used this frosting for the cake, minus the bacon. Thanks Paleo Spirit!


With Love,


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