River’s Bows & Bros 1st Birthday party

Happy Thursday readers!  I cannot believe we are already going into another weekend, Im still recovering from the last one we had.  If you are like me, you LOVE to throw parties.   This past weekend I helped throw a massive baby shower for one of my most favorite friends! I took care of all the food and it was a blast to come up with some great little recipes and fun Pinterest finds! I definitely will be posting about the shower later next week! The shower was too cute not to share!

Sunday was my baby girls 1st birthday party…we had a blast to say the least!  We had beautiful weather for Florida..not hot and muggy like most days.  Spring is amazing here but the pollen is a whole other story!  We had it at our neighborhood park and it was an easy clean up and the kids had a a great time!  Since River has a lot of boy friends we thought it was a fitting and a clever idea to throw together a Bow’s & Bros themed party.  I grabbed some felt, some ribbon and gold glitter pencils and made these!


I freehanded the mustache cut outs and made the bows with little clips on the back and adhered them to the pencils.  I used them as decor and then gave them away as party favors at the end of the day!

The cake was an ombre cake! I had been eyeing the ombre cake for soooo long and just waiting for an opportunity to get one made! This was perfect! our neighborhood Publix did an amazing job! I actually wrote in to the Publix Corporate offices and gave praise to a few people in the bakery, I guess I’m that person now. ha! I also want to note that it was buttercream frosting, no fondant was used for the rippling or anything.  I spoke to the bakery and they wanted to charge me $36 for just a fondant bow for the top.  So, instead of spending $36 plus the other $30 for the cake I ended up buying ribbon for $1.99 and then making a bow and affixing it to the top! Wallah! Bingo! Just what I wanted for half the price quoted. I am all about quality over price but 1. its fondant and it taste gross anyway. 2. She’s 1 and 3. It came out cuter than a fondant bow would, I think!


River Whitney had such a great time, all of her friends and family were there. We definitely did miss some Auntie’s and Uncle’s though that live in California. :(

There are so many milestones the first year and I’m so overwhelmed with how fast it has gone the second time around.  Sometimes I just sit and stare, stunned at how fast it has gone.  She is little and petite but she has so much sunshine in her soul! I feel so blessed to be her Mommy and get to watch her grow into something beautiful.

The story behind the name River..

For those of you who don’t know the story behind her name, “River”, well here you go.  When I found out I was having a girl I was bombarded with ideas from friends and my own little mile long list.  I really wanted a name that had a great and beautiful  meaning behind it.  River was on my list but never really gave it some much needed attention until one day I was listening to a Folk Pandora station and Peace Like a River came on.  Well, can I tell you that song opened the flipping flood gates and then started giving River some good thinking.  Since we both loved the name we looked and looked for some more signs and praying to find some great meaning to come along, then BAM it hit me!  Justin was on Facebook one day and a good family friend shared from a devotional they were reading and described the characteristics of a river.

“A River flows unhindered over rocks and boulders as it moves from one place to the next.  It flows around them, over them, and past them..all the while smoothing rough edges.  A river doesn’t strive to get from one place to another. It simply flows.  That is the glory life of living and moving and having our being in Christ.  We simply flow with a sacred inner calmness.  Sometimes circumstances will be like tumultuous white capped rapids, other times like a lazy gentle stream.  But the life in union with Jesus keeps flowing.  Moving forward.  And in the journey, we catch glimpses of sudden glory in the scenery as we move between life’s banks.”

Justin took a snapshot of the quote, sent it to me and I once again, an ocean of raging rapids came from my eyes! Pregnancy and tears happen waaaay too often in this house.   I called Justin right away and we both knew that was the name!  It was like Jesus stood right in front of us and told us that was the name for our little sugar pie.

Here are some more photos of her big day! Enjoy!





This my friends is what you call a Mommy that is so excited she just stood to a standing position with no assistance and a Grandmother that is panicked she won’t get the video on her phone up and running in time to capture the moment! haha!

photo 3



photo 4

Big Brother Sawyer the Warrior!









photo 1



Here is a little look back to a few maternity photo’s my friend Jen took from Fondly Forever Photography and a few first dreamy moments, taken by Stephanie Pacheco Photography, with little River in my arms.




















Thank you to all who have loved on us this past year!



With Love,



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  1. Katy Lampman says:

    The party looks so adorable and I am cracking up at the pic of you and Sheryl, when River is standing! Haha
    Happy 1st Birthday River!

  2. Donna Akers says:

    Sweet friend, thank you so much for sharing the beautiful way God works in and orchestrates our lives so perfectly! I love God’s story behind the naming of your precious little daughter. I love God’s ways…they are always right on time and perfect! I am humbled that God would use me, my family and the hard privilege that we have been on to bring glory to His name! HE is awesome, loving, faithful and shows His love and presence each day! Shine Jesus, Shine!!

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