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Hey everyone (or just a few),  thank you for visiting my new blog!  I wanted to introduce myself a little more than the little sidebar thingy.  My name is Lindsey Kirkland, my family and I currently reside in Central Florida. My fine slice, (referring to my husband) and I have two awesome kids!  Trying to raise them with good eating habits, Godly morals and standards and to have creative minds…this attempt is not for the faint of heart but I will die trying!

On another note I am a cancer survivor of Nueroblastoma.  I had it at a very young age and I’m looking forward to writing more in-depth to what my story holds.

We eat a Paleo or somewhat Paleo lifestyle, so most of my recipes will be inspired by those! So So Yummy! Whenever I’m not standing on my feet cooking, cleaning up or wiping the floor underneath the high chair, I will share them all with you!

The ‘Eating’ is what inspired this blog. I have such a love for it.  The options for healthy living and eating are endless! You may see a lot more posts in that tab more than anything else.  I really want to include a lot of paleo kid recipes as well, as much as a healthy lifestyle is important to us, its even more important to teach our kids what its like to know what REAL food tastes like.   I hope you enjoy the blog and hope it inspires you to eat good,  live wildly, drink more wine, create things, and go out and have Faith without borders!



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