Moccasin Obsession

When I found out I was having a girl the second time around I completely flipped out!  I knew in my heart of hearts that I was meant, at one point in my life, to be a Mommy to a girl.  I never thought it would come as soon as it did but it did and I’m so not complaining.   My husband is the oldest of 4 boys and the 5th babe was a girl, thats what I thought would happen to us or just not have a girl at all since there are so many boys on his side.  So about those moccs…

Yep! I’m pretty much obsessed with them! How can you not be…they come in every color of the rainbow (pink, mustard, gold, brown, red, black, blue, grean and white chevron…come on!) and have fringe! The brown leather caught my eye and had to snatch them up. Here’s my little River girl sporting hers!



Brown Moccasins at Nordstrom
Floral dress at Old Navy


With Love,


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  1. Normajean says:

    Love them and her of course!!!

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