Ice cream delight!

Happy Ice Cream Thursday! My son has been begging me to make ice cream lately.  I’m not a huge fan of dairy at the moment, I feel like every time we consume it someone gets a cough, it may be a coincidence but I know it definitely helps to stay away from it when you are sick because it produces so much mucus and  coats the throat and makes the cough worse.  I know it hasn’t been scientifically proven but this is just from our experience.   We have been sticking to almond or coconut milk.  BUT! If your little one has a nut or dairy allergy you can still make this decadent dessert!  Are you ready?  TWO INGREDIENTS! Throw 1 peeled banana in the freezer until frozen. After frozen remove from freezer and place in blender with a few rinsed strawberries.  It comes out so yummy and a perfect ice cream like texture. You can even throw in some Vit D or probiotics!  Just another way to get your kids eating fruits in a fun and delicious way! That deliciousness was gone in a flash!

20140130-102407.jpg 20140130-104801.jpg

It’s safe to say I have a happy 4 year old!


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