Little Madilyn is on the way!

Steph Shower Collage_1

One child is napping and the other is having quiet time.  So here I sit to attempt to get a blog post in! We will see how long this lasts.  As promised, I wanted to post about the adorable shower I helped throw for one of my favorite people on the planet. Do you have […]

Sweet potato scramble!


Happy hump day! Hope your week is treating you awesome! I’ve been getting dinged about posting a breakfast hash for a few months and now here it is in all of her hashy glory! Since my house is sick with sinus infections I thought it would be beneficial to make a hardy breakfast. Full of […]

Best dang grain free brownie EVER

My husband, a fellow chocolateer and dessert-a-holic, he requested something sweet this week! I turned to Danielle Walker’s claimed to fame in her book, Against All Grain, her BROWNIES! They are ridiculously good and cake like.  You could really eat the whole stinkin’ pan once those chocolate dreams come out of the oven.  Here is […]

Ice cream delight!


Happy Ice Cream Thursday! My son has been begging me to make ice cream lately.  I’m not a huge fan of dairy at the moment, I feel like every time we consume it someone gets a cough, it may be a coincidence but I know it definitely helps to stay away from it when you […]

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies


When you hear the word grain free Paleo chocolate chip think, eh, they’re gonna be dry and flavorless.  Well, people, look no further! I came across this recipe in my search and boy I’m glad I did! My husband has the biggest sweet tooth, he would eat sweets at every meal if he could! […]

The mighty wonders of Organic Coconut Oil


I’m sure you’ve heard of Coconut oil either on Good Morning America or the Today show by a beauty expert about how great it is for your skin BUT did you know it was mainly used for cooking?  A few years ago I was introduced to this amazing stuff to put in my frying pans […]

Chipotle Goes Paleo


OMG! You see that right? It’s even tastes better than it looks! It was one of those Friday nights where I had 1lb of ground beef in the fridge and a bunch of left over veggies and other fun stuff hanging out in my pantry and fridge.  I call it Chipotle Goes Paleo.  Its pretty […]

Candy coated brussel sprouts


So, the word brussel sprouts just sounds gross, right? If you have always hated them or just never tried them because they are called such a gross sounding name then you will adore these adorable candy coated balls of goodness! I had them at a restaurant recently and they tasted nothing like I have ever […]