Preschool Blues


Hey Readers! I hope everyone is having a great week, its already Wednesday! Its crazy how thrown off I get when there is a holiday on a Monday…in my head my Mondays are Tuesdays and my Thursdays are Fridays…I stay in confusion mode. Well, this last few weeks have been VERY different in my household, […]

Introducing Cahootsie H...


ca·hoots [kuh-hoots] 1. Go cahoots, to share equally; become partners. 2. In cahoots: in partnership; in league.   HEY GUUUUUYS!  You have probably been biting your nails and waiting and waiting for Lindsey’s next post, I KNOW! I’m so sorry! During my little hiatus from blogging I have been working on a new little endeavor!  ARE YOU READY?! I have joined forces with my sister-in-love, Monika Kirkland […]

My Story..(3 of 3)

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November, 1986 For almost two years life took on some semblance of normalcy.  Except for lots of follow-up appointments and protocol procedures that we had agreed to, our family was back on track.  I’m not sure that I even would recognize the person I was before her diagnosis.  Not facially, but internally and emotionally, I […]

My Story..(2 of 3)

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Today is January 16th, 1985 The last 2 days have been almost too much to bear.  I just can’t seem to find enough hope to get us through.  I have no motivation to do anything.  I need our friends but I have a hard time communicating with them.  Sometimes my head feels like it’s going to […]

My Story.. (1 of 3)

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We all have a story right? A story that has molded you into who you are now?   I’ve been thinking long and hard on how I wanted to tell my story.  A story that has shaped who I am. A story that is so deeply woven in me.  A story that isn’t told enough […]

The Little Design Co. R...


This is a start of a fresh week and I can’t be more excited! It’s been a crazy busy week with the kiddos and trying to find time to do projects that I so desperately want to get done. Finishing them up today, crossing fingers! Trying to get things done during the few hours I […]

Little Madilyn is on th...

Steph Shower Collage_1

One child is napping and the other is having quiet time.  So here I sit to attempt to get a blog post in! We will see how long this lasts.  As promised, I wanted to post about the adorable shower I helped throw for one of my favorite people on the planet. Do you have […]

River’s Bows ...


Happy Thursday readers!  I cannot believe we are already going into another weekend, Im still recovering from the last one we had.  If you are like me, you LOVE to throw parties.   This past weekend I helped throw a massive baby shower for one of my most favorite friends! I took care of all […]

Top Knot Turban Head Wr...


I’ve been obsessed with these little baby head wraps for a little while and I’ve promised to some readers I would write tutorial on how to make them! This is my first ever tutorial so here goes! You will need: Scissors 20″ of fabric (this will be for a newborn so if you would like […]